General evaluation work for real estates

Price formation factors in real estate are becoming complicated and have been diversifying with change in economy in recent years.
We, Chuo Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd. respond to needs of various real estate evaluations through collaboration of professional knowledge and experiences since our establishment in 1965.

Appraisal evaluations for the purposes of:

  • Trading [Buying, Selling], exchange, asset evaluation (for auditing) etc.
  • Business accounting
  • Security (mortgage)
  • Negotiations and lawsuits
  • New lease contracts
  • Company establishment, merger, and investment in kind
  • Dealing properties between affiliated companies
  • Business succession
  • Business rehabilitation
  • Urban redevelopment projects or Joint venture of building project
  • Land readjustment projects
  • Inheritance

Appraisal evaluations of:

  • (Owned) existing houses
  • Various use of real estates including houses, offices, commercial facilities, hotels, distribution facilities (logistics), health care-related facilities, solar energy facilities and others.
  • Various types and rights of properties
  • Many kinds of foundations
  • Farmland lot and forestry area
  • Special rights such as “air rights”, “easement” and”hot spring” etc.
  • M&A

Evaluation for securitization

We can deal with evaluation in a great variety of assets based on abundant experience since J-REIT was founded.

  • Evaluation for J-REIT
  • Evaluation related to funding
    We have dealt with real estate evaluation from private funds which are required in the case of trading (selling and buying) real estate, financing, and “Tokumei Kumiai (anonymous association investment and Equity)”Use of assets
  • Use of assets
    There are a variety of real estates including houses, offices, commercial facilities, hotels, distribution facilities (logistics), health care-related facilities and others.
  • Incidental for securitized real estate
    Incidental to ordinary operations for securitized real estate are evaluated based on fair and neutral viewpoints and engaged in the following duties:
  • Second opinion and review
  • Price investigation report based on our original calculation result
  • Various marketing research
  • Wage charges for lending in new markets or existing continuation market

Investigation research report

We can make simple investigation reports instead of official evaluation reports depending on the purpose or usage.
We also edit and compile report about calculation of Time adjustment rate, property-specific value factors rate concerned with a certain real estate, and standard yield statement in the area.

  • Correction of time point rate(Time adjustment rate) concerned with real estate
  • property-specific value factors rate (Individual price element difference rate)
  • Rate of yield level statement

Real estate consulting

The utilization of the real estate crosses many various divergences.
We at Central real estate Co., as specialists of real estate including many staff of real estate appraisers, authorized architects can cope with all kinds of consulting services about the best utilization of a specific real estate, in cooperation with professionals such as lawyers, certified public accountants, and tax consultants.

English correspondence and translation

We translate all reports in English and deliver it as required.